Emergency Responders Team

To Whom It May Concern,
Please find Emergency Responders Health Center’s testimony on behalf of Michael Phillips of Nampa Fire Department in regards to the Levigait; Bariatric Gait Belt.
ERHC is proud to give our professional opinion on the gait belt product, Levigait, constructed by local firefighter, Mike Phillips. Mike took the time to demonstrate the Levigait belt for bariatric patient lift assist techniques. The product demonstrated improved patient comfort, control and stability of patient and EMS personnel. This product appears to enhance safe and effective lift assist for one or more EMS per patient and could be beneficial for other departments whose needs are similar in tasks and job duties.
Please feel free to reach out should you have further questions or concerns.

Dr. Mick McConnell

Working with a lot of fire fighters in my office, low back injury and pain is the most common condition I see.  Tense situations, awkward situations and lifting position and the unpredictability of people make them very susceptible to being injured when having to lift or move a patient.

The Levigait is a great tool for EMS and fire fighters to use when having to doing any lifting with patients.  It’s easy to use and the short time it takes to get ready can make a huge difference in lessening the chance of a lifting injury to occur on the job.

I highly recommend the Levigait and I believe it should be on every firetruck and ambulance and become part of lifting protocols for all fire departments.

Captain Jay C.

We’ve used gait belts for a long time, but the difference between an original gait belt and the Levigait is like the Wright brother’s balsa wood glider versus an F22. It has completely changed the way that we assist patients and their level of comfort.

It is an incredible invention and it needs to be in every department and EMS agency and nursing homes and even in homes where somebody is expected to lift or assist lifting. It’s, in my opinion, almost a necessity at this point.

Joey S.

I have been using the lifting strap and I highly recommend it. This is our go to device for people who need help up off the floor and it truly is a back saver for us. This device works well on anyone that is conscious and has enough strength to be able to sit up, or at least help hold themselves in a seated position. The multiple handles on each side make it easy to find the right spot to lift from, whether you’re short (like me) or tall. The device is very user friendly for us, and comfortable for the patients who are being lifted up. I’ve used this on patients who are in the bathtub, on the floor or stuck on the toilet, all with great results. The material of the strap can hold very large patients, and makes clean up a breeze after the call is over.

Todd C.

As a firefighter and Peer Fitness Trainer for my fire department, I’ve found that the People Mover allows me and other firefighters the ability to lift with better technique and more comfortable for the person being lifted.

This could help reduce lifting injuries to firefighters and save money for the fire department by allowing firefighters to lift with better technique.

Rob J.

The People Mover, by Levigate, is a valuable tool for lifting patients of all sizes. I have been in the fire service for over 18 years and have come across plenty of lifting devices. What I like about the people mover over the others is the sturdy, well placed handles, allowing multiple people to lift without compromising our backs. It also reduces further injury to the patient by not having to pull on arms which can cause shoulder injuries in our more frail patients. The construction is sturdy and it’s easy to clean. I highly recommend The People Mover!

David A.

We have been using the “People Mover” strap by Levigait; It’s part of our first out medical gear kit. I like it because it causes less strain to the patient, less wear and tear on my back, and it’s easy to clean. We won’t start a shift without one.

Bob U.

It was a pleasure meeting you and checking out your product. It was a bit of an “a-ha" moment. In one look you can see not only the simplicity but the functionality of your belt. I know that this is going to make the job easier and save countless backs. .

Ken W.

I placed that belt on E32 and the crews have used it a few times and love it.

Michelle G BS

My crews love and are using it regularly now.

Captain Christopher A. Black

Used the belt with a crew last night, worked great.

Teri L. Ahrens

Wendy has the belt you left for us to use. Our aides love it!!

Mike H.

I would like to order 3 Levigait People mover gait belts. We had one and we use it a lot. It worked so well I want to put one on all of our*ambulances. Thanks Mike

Norma – lifted patient

I was pleasantly surprised because it went so easily. I had no discomfort whatsoever and I didn’t feel like I was putting undue stress on the people that were helping me. I felt completely secure during the entire process, at no time did I feel like I might be dropped.

Glen – lifted patient

That (the People Mover) is the most comfortable way to have a person get up that I could see, and without a doubt, it’s the only way to go.

Mike – lifted patient

I was very surprised that it worked very well. When you lifted me, it grabbed ahold of me and held me tight without any discomfort in any way.

The Story,

After injuring my back lifting a bariatric patient, I thought back on my career of nearly 20 years and realized that the most frequent lifting injuries we had were on bariatric patients. Even our fittest and strongest personnel were getting hurt. What we needed was a good tool to help us lift safely. I tried unsuccessfully to find a versatile lifting device that would help me perform my job safer. The devices I did find only handled one aspect of our lifting needs, were prohibitively expensive, or were just as unsafe as the standard gait belts and likely to hurt the patient. I wanted something that served almost all of our lifting needs, was easy to use, saved our backs from injury, and didn't hurt the patient. I invented the People Mover when I couldn't find something that did all those things. My gait belt has been on all of our apparatus for quite some time and it has proven itself to fulfill every one of those requirements. Ninety percent of our device assisted lifts are handled by the People Mover. It is usable both as a gait belt and lifting sling. We have never had a responder or patient hurt while using my gait belt. Literally hundreds of lifts without a single injury. To date, this belt has saved my department nearly $900,000.00 in workers compensation claims for injuries and $200,000 in lost time expenses. Our personnel love the belt. I have never gotten a bad review of the belt by someone who has used it. It has also increased our level of safety by greatly increasing our level of patient control during the lifting process. My belt is about one third to one quarter the cost of my next closest competitor and machine washable for easy maintenance. Everyone wins. The patient wins with greater comfort and safety, the organization wins with less liability, fewer injuries and associated expenses, and finally the caregivers win with less injuries and the peace of mind that they are far less likely to have a career ending injury or hurting the patient they are supposed to be helping. Isn't an “everyone wins" scenario what we are all trained to find?