Case Study

Fire Department People Mover Performance Detail

My fire Department has been using the People Mover for four years now. The following information is based on the research and injury statistics quoted by our current fire chief, Human Resources Department and the Idaho State Insurance Fund.

Since we began using the People Mover patient lifting system, our department has not suffered a patient lifting injury while using the People Mover system. The documented reduction in lifting injuries has averaged three workers compensation claim- level incidents per year, consisting of two back injuries and one shoulder injury per year.

My fire department’s direct budgetary expenses for the average workers compensation lifting injury costs, on average, between $24,000 – $40,000 per claim. This equates to an annual savings of $72,000.00 – 120,000.00 per year of mitigated direct expenses ordinarily accrued from overtime, light duty and minimum manning costs. This does not include the cost of an unknown number of administrative hours spent managing the workers compensation claims. The People Mover is also directly attributed with an estimated reduction of $300,000.00 in workers compensation claims per year.

Over the course of four years, The People Mover has saved my Fire Department $288,000.00 – $480,000.00 in direct budgetary expenses and an estimated $1.2 million in workers compensation claims. The cost for this savings averages out to $750.00 per year for the People Mover Systems currently in use.

The People Mover system is being used in over 60 other EMS and Fire agencies with a perfect safety record thus far in everyone.