Care Instructions

The People Mover Gait Belt and Lifting System by Levigait LLC

Per CDC and OSHA guidelines- Preclean to remove gross contaminants with a 1:10 household bleach solution. Machine wash warm with mild detergent and 1:100 household bleach solution. Clean water rinse. Allow to air dry. Thoroughly inspect the product for damage after each use. Damaged products should be removed from service immediately. Failure to strictly adhere to care instructions voids all warranties and product should be removed from service immediately. The user assumes all liability for use of product if care instructions are not adhered to, product is damaged, or used beyond date of service life. Product service life is 3 years from date of purchase.

For customer assistance contact:

Levigait L.L.C.
12930 Orchard Ave.
Nampa ID, 83651