About Us

Caring for Caregivers

Mike Phillips

- Inventor/Sales/Chrome Squirrel Chaser

A 20+ year career firefighter/ EMT, Haz mat Technician, EOD team member, Master Instructor for PowerLift and inventor of the People Mover Patient Lifting system. Unable to find a truly good patient lifting aid after a series of particularly challenging patient lifting calls, Mike drew on his 20 years’ patient care experience and 14 years of special needs patient lifting at M.D.A. camp, to design the People Mover Patient Lifting System. With a perfect performance record spanning nearly four years and thousands of lifts in over 60 EMS agencies across the United States, the People Mover is attaining our dream or eliminating caregiver and patient lifting injuries. We are improving the longevity and quality of life for patient care providers as well as returning countless wasted hours and budget dollars to the operational budgets of care provider organizations across the US and Canada.

Shawna Phillips

- Owner/Manager/Firefighter “Handler”

Witnessing the lost quality of life and physical toll taken on Mike from lifting patients, Shawna’s unwavering belief and support encouraged him to develop the People Mover. After seeing his passion and dedication to his fellow health care providers at EMS conferences, Shawna gave up her own successful business to support Mike’s dream of “Caring for the Caregivers”. Obviously the brains of the operation, Shawna now draws upon her background in banking and accounting to handle nearly all the management and operational challenges of the growing business. Mike is free to dedicate his time to promoting lifting safety through instructing safe lifting classes and introducing the world to the People Mover.